Carburetors type WEBER IDF 40mm, complete kit 1700cc-1800cc-2000cc 8/1971-7/1979


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For typ4 engine

This kit includes:
2 Superior quality carburetors type Weber IDF 40mm
2 Short CSP manifolds with fitting kit
1 CSP Crossbar linkage
2 Air filter gaskets
2 Oval air filters

High-quality carburettor, better workmanship than the EMPI HPMX.
Here’s why:

• High quality, dense casting material
• Left and right mounted throttle valves to prevent air leakage
• Seals under the carburettor adjustment screws
• Vacuum port for use with original distributors (with capsule)
• Closed automatic starter
• Flat gasket support surface
• F11 emulsion Tubes
• 28 mm venturi
• Air jet: 200
• Main jet: 115
• 2 intake manifolds

Sedial Kombi number: SK100939